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Monday, March 19, 2012

 Once I stepped out of the car everything seemed really rushed and I didn't even have time to take a breath (phew!) Yeah, it felt like they hit me with a truck, but they did it so effectively that it somehow didn't make me feel too overwhelmed. once we got introduced to the MTC presidency, an ambassador from Mongolia spoke to us, which I guess only happens once or twice a year (it really wasn't that great, but whatever I guess). I also met my first companion, Elder Miles, who is a pretty nice guy. He's kind of like a hybrid of Jacob and me, so we get along pretty well.
     Next came us entering the classroom which I will stay in for at least 6+ hours a day, in which the instructor talked completely in German. I was surprised by both how much German I remembered and how much I still didn't know (which felt like pretty much all of it).
     By day two, we met our actual teacher, Bruder Luna, and we were also informed that we were teaching our first investigator in German the following day. For those of you wondering how it feels to try to teach someone in a language you've only been learning for about 40 hours, its kinda hard. I was pretty sure that you could make a guess that the first lesson in German wasn't very efficacious. He talked really fast and we could not express what we wanted to say because we didn't have the knowledge respond to him correctly and answer his questions. We both didn't catch many of his concerns, and so our lesson didn't go in any direction. He was really confused, and we basically had to restart when we taught him at the next lesson. We made sure to slow it down this time, actually care about his concerns, and followed the prompting of the spirit. Using broken German, we were able to commit him to praying on his own, which he has not done since he was a little kid. the second lesson went much more auspiciously, and we were able to teach him better.
     As far as the zone and leadership, we arrived only five days before the previous Germans are taking off for Germany. They leave tomorrow, so our entire zone has to be rearranged and new zone leaders called. They are calling us the Moroni districts, because we will be gone before the next set of Germans come into the MTC. The good news is that our zone is being cut in half before my companion and I truly start our leadership responsibilities.
     Things are going good here at the MTC and the language learning is progressing fairly well. I'm glad that I can take it easy for a bit today though. It feels like I've been running since Wednesday (time is crazy warped here). Hope things are going good in the outside world. I love all of you and wish the best.
Elder Eric Gibson

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