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Monday, April 2, 2012

German word of the Week: Sünopfer [zoon-op-fer] - the Atonement
     I decided about Thursday to call this week Drama and Sickness. Throughout the entire week, people would either be sick in their rooms, or angry at others in their districts or companionships. Speaking of districts, my companion and I are now moved into one down the hall for reasons that were not specifically told to us. I guess they just think that the zone leaders, already trying to learn an entirely new language in a couple weeks, should be able to handle brand new teachers and classmates as well. If there is anything I can't complain about here, its that I have to stay on my toes or be subdued to inevitable drowning by all of these yeasty occurrences.
    Somethings definitely more auspicious also happened in the form of the last few days of the week. We had the new mission president for Berlin come in and say hi to us- I guess he was giving a talk at UVU this week and he wanted to stop by and introduce himself to all the Berliners. He will start service later this year. Also, as you guys would expect, conference was amazing. The talks were sweet, and I learned a whole ton. One of our teachers recommended writing down a few questions and praying to have them answered throughout conference. I decided to do it and was surprised that 2 or 3 were taken care of by the end of the first session. I was surprised and thought about trying to sneak in a nap for the next session since it looked like God was content in giving me most of my answers in just two hours. But my last question didn't get answered until the last session, so he must have known my plan and made sure I was still waiting for one more thing. I've also dug pretty heavily into Jesus the Christ I just have to say that it is a pretty awesome book, and it has given us (after I started everyone wanted to read it too) some really cool gospel discussions.
     Next week, there is going to be an MTC-wide sacrament for Easter Sunday, and rumors are that we are having 3 well known general authorities there. 4 people from our district were chosen to participate, and my companion and I were among them. It's going to be crazy to try to ensure that we give about 2000 people the sacrament all at once, but I'm excited. As far as the German is going, I am happy to report that I am definitely being touched by the gift of tongues. It's crazy to think that in only 3 weeks we can give entire discussions and talk with each other using 80-90% German words. It's taken a lot of work and obedience on my part, but I know that if it was just me, I would still be fumbling around with how to overcome my fear of completely messing up telling someone my testimony. The mission president's wife says that the quickest teacher is immersion into it, and only a few more weeks before that happens.
I hope everyone has an awesome Easter Sunday and know that you guys are in my prayers and heart. Have a great week!
- Elder Eric Gibson

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