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Saturday, April 21, 2012

German Word of the Week: das Flugzeug [floog-tsoig] [the z's in german sound similar to how we say the z's in pizza] (the) Airplane
     Hey! I know this is a few days early but the p-days are getting switched around so we can pack today and monday. All of us elders can get packing done in only about 2 hours so I'm guessing it's for the sisters. Anyways, the last few days in America are going great here, and we are all really excited/nervous about going to Deutschland. All of our progressing investigators are finished up now, and pretty soon I'll be out tracting in a foreign country to real people, not just the ones our German teachers are playing as.
     The plane is set to take off around 11, but I might call from the airport anywhere from 8-10 as an estimate. I would give more exact timing, but frankly, I have no idea what's going on for our flight plans. I also wanted to say much thanks to all those that sent me stuff while I was in the MTC. I for sure got my fair share of candy and goodies. Congrats Uncle Rick and Aunt Sheron for your mission call, and thanks for the Easter basket.
     I did in-field orientation yesterday, which is the super long day of them explaining how to do the best planning, use members to the fullest, and other such intricacies. As for the rest of the week, we mostly did German study, some gospel study, and then one of our teachers talked to us about how to best present the law of Chastity to the German people. It seems like it is a reeeaaalllllyy bad problem out there, but it was also really cool about hearing about how we can use the law of Chastity to gain a lot of blessings, rather than just focusing on the Don'ts like we love to do with the Word of Wisdom.
     Finally, I just wanted to say that if anyone is planning on sending letters over the next few days I would either just send it straight to Germany or make sure to send it through, otherwise I will most likely not get it. I hope everyone is doing great and that they are thanking the Lord everyday for all the amazing blessings that He grants us with. I know that this curch is true and the only one with the true priesthood authority restored to the Earth and that this is where I need to be (for a few more days at least, but than Germany is where I need to be   )

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