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Monday, April 9, 2012

German Word of the Week: die Hoffnung [hof-newng] Hope

     So just to clarify since Dad asked me in a letter last week: Yes, I'm a zone leader. My companion and I were called to both be ZL's on the 3rd day we got here. And because it's me, I naturally circumlocuted that fact until I was asked it directly. It's been a pretty tough calling, and I'm often up late at night either because of some meeting or some issue within the branch. But I also know that I'm getting blessed because I have the calling, and I can use it as an excuse for why I am doing so well in German.
     So this week was probably one of the best weeks so far. Because I'm too eager to wait to tell you guys, I'm just going to start off with the update from my news last week. We had 3 General Authorities come to our MTC-wide sacrament meeting yesterday. It was President Packer, the president of the 12, and two of the more recognized members of the 70, one of them being his son, Allan Packer. As I said last week, we were assigned to participate in giving the sacrament, but I was not yet told what I was going to be doing. On Saturday night, we got the assignment, and I was assigned to be in the front-left table, which I thought was pretty cool because it was really close to the stand and it was where the guys assigned to actually give the sacrament prayers were going to be sitting. Anyways, so I ended up sitting on one of the ends, and we were given the papers that said our routes. And then a few minutes later, I found out that I was route number 1.
     Skip forward a few more hours (maybe 12-16?), and I was going up the steps of the podium and passing the sacrament to President Boyd K Packer and the mission presidency for the entire MTC. Talk about feeling unworthy! But it was an awesome experience, and when he looked up at me all I could see was the love he had for all of the missionaries there. And it was also pretty awesome that we were able to get the sacrament passed out to over 2000 people in a little bit less than 16 minutes.
     President Packer's talk was great, and we had really meeting for the rest of the day. Other than that climax to the week, everything else seems pretty ambiguous, haha. I have two new investigators: one is a Jew from Israel and the other is a guy who likes to go the the Disko, which is the German equivalent to Dance Houses. We haven't made too much progress with them, so I'll have to update you guys next week. When we were meeting with some volunteers on Friday, I'm pretty sure I got the gift of interpretation of tongues. He was telling us his conversion story, and all the sudden I realized that instead of trying to translate the words in my head into English, I was just understanding what he was saying. It was pretty awesome.
     I hope everyone enjoyed Easter and Christ's birthday. Only about 2 weeks until I get to teach real investigators and I can't talk this hybrid language anymore. I know that It'll be hard, but that God can help me learn how to say what they need to hear. It was pretty awesome because one of my language teachers told us one day: "Don't worry about the language. If Heavenly Father wants one of his children to come to Him, you could not stop it from happening even if you told them everything wrong." He then quickly added that we still needed to study German because that was still part of the deal ;)

Haben ein wunderbar Woche!

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