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Monday, April 16, 2012

German Word of the Week: Sich erinnen [Zick Air-In-En] To remember.
     I got my itinerary for Germany this week! Now it's official, as of a little over a week from now, I will be going to Deutschland to preach the Gospel in a foreign language. It's really interesting when some of my dreams as I'm heading to bed just after German classes are a plethora of foreign words swimming through my thoughts. Most don't really make too much sense though, so we'll see what happens once I know the language better. 
     Some of the highlights from this last week were: a great fireside last Tuesday from a exordium member of the General Bishopbric who went to Germany for his mission, and so our Branch President knew him reallly well and told us some cool stories; German is going really well; the fireside last night. M. Russel Ballard was the speaker, with Mission President Brown as the intro speaker; and finally just as a side note, I hit my one month mark, and so now I'm 1/24th of the way done with my mission already. Last night both of the speakers really good, and between them David Archulleta (Now technically "Elder", but yeah, the popstar from American Idol), gave a really great vocal performance. He's going to South America, and right after he finished Elder Ballard got up to give his talk and started with, "Elder Archulleta, that was a hard act to follow." Elder Archuletta has been on campus for the last 3 weeks and I've seen him around every once in a while. He was even in the MTC Confrence Choir if you look hard enough. But as for all of the popularity I've seen so far here, it's been through the roof: Elders Packer, Ballard, and Oaks, David Archuletta, some members of the seventy, a newscaster from Chicago, and some others.
     The missionaries in the zone are doing well, especially in comparison to last week, and we are able to talk in German to each other for most of our activities. It is awesome when someone opens the door for us, we say "thanks" in our language and they say "you're welcome" in Spanish or Dutch or Korean. I will not be sad to be able to get out of this one-mile radius although, and in particular be able to see more than just all of these crazy Mormons. According to the mission lingo, I will be born soon (I guess the MTC counts as Pre-Earth life and the plane ride is like the veil because it feels like you forget everything once you get off the plane and cannot understand any of the language you have been learning for the last month). My, how right the hymn is when it says that time flies on wings of lightning.
     Hope everyone has a great week and that they can realize all of the blessings that God has given to them.

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