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Monday, May 28, 2012

German word of the Week: Bescheid [beSHYed] To know or find out of a surety.

     Hello to everyone this week. The work here is Germany is going great, and Görlitz is seeing miracles everyday. We had zone conference in Leipzig this week, so I had to get up at 4:45. It felt like I was in Seminary again... But it was a great meeting, and I finally got my letters from my Dad that I was supposed to get my first day in Germany, so it was pretty cool to finally be caught up. We were able to hear from one of our mission president's old companions, and hear the miracles that he was able to preform with him. At first we were all guessing that it was going to be Elder Bednard, because he was one of the AP's during president's mission, but it was Bro. Latylia, who is also a very big name in the world and the church because he is a very big sports name. He was one of the guys that organized FIFA world cup when it happened in the States, winner of the national cup for his tennis team in college, as well as one of the people that pushed for Soccer being included in the Olympics.
     When they were missionaries, it was the year that one of the Germans, Franz Beckenbauer, had won the world cup, and they thought it would be awesome to try to send him a copy of the Book of Mormon. But then a couple days later, they saw a poster that showed that he was going to show up at a hotel for a party in a couple weeks in their town, so they decided to try to give it to him in person. They knew one of the people that worked at the hotel, so they asked him if he could sneak them in, and he laughed and was just like, ''your gonna try to get into the hotel when one of the most famous people in the world is gonna be there? I like you guys and all, but that's just not gonna happen.'' So they decided just to mail a BoM later. But then, during the next P-day (on the day of the party in the hotel), while they were shopping for some sports equipment in a store, a guy walked in commanding everyone around. Elder Latylia thought that it would be fun to go up and talk to him, and so when he did, they started off with sports, and the guy fell in love with the missionary who knew so much about statistics and especially because he could play tennis, which was pretty much that guy's dream. So he told them that he was the owner of a really nice hotel, and that he was having a party later, but that if they had time, he wanted to play with them. They, of course, said that they could work it out, and played tennis with this guy, driving past all of the reporters and being able to park right next to the owner of the hotel. Later, after Elder Latylia beat him in tennis, he invited them to come in to the party, and they, 19 year-old-missionaries, made it into one of the biggest parties in Germany literally days after Germany had won the World Cup. A few minutes later, guess who walks in? None other than Franz Beckenbauer, the guy that they had decided to personally give a Book of Mormon to. Everyone was silent when the Soccer star walked in, so Elder Latylia, after giving his companion to one of the younger missionaries, walked up to Beckenbauer and said ''in behalf of the United States of America and from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints, we give you this gift on congratulations of winning the world cup!'' And that was just one of the stories that he told us from his mission. They also sang with one of the biggest Lutheran Choirs in Germany and tons of other amazing stories.
     I hope you guys enjoyed the story, and I am doing well. It's the last week of my first transfer (6 week period that you are with a companion in a city) of my mission, so now is when I finally get in the race and and get in the groove of missionary life. This last P-day, we went to the Zoo, and got attacked by a crow, saw a red panda, and had a blast with the animals. We also taught lots of lessons, got some great appointments with cool people, and are working to reactivate some members. And coming up this next week is what the Mission President is calling ''Espirit De Corps Wie Niemals Bevor'', which basically means that we are hoping to get 100 new appointments that will turn into investigators, so if you guys could pray for us to have success when we are finding people on Wednesday the 30th, then that would be awesome. Also, congratulations to all those who graduated on Saturday in Colorado Springs. It's crazy to think that it's already been a year for me. Finally, have a great memorial day!

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