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Monday, June 11, 2012

German Word of the Week: der Grund (GROOND) - Reason

     Going to Berlin last Monday was really fun. We played soccer and basketball for about 5 hours straight, but then we had a nice 3 hour ride back in which we just sat in the train and got super stiff. We were both hurting Tuesday morning, haha. It was also a week of firsts for me. On Wednesday, my companion and I gave a Thema (a mix between a lesson and a discussion, there's not really a direct translation for it) in District Meeting, which is basically a weekly correlation meeting between all the missionaries in the area. We have 6 Elders and 2 Sisters, so a nice sized group. It was over how to help to reactivate less active members and making sure that recent converts are cared for and receive callings and such. It turned out really well. Also, yesterday I gave my first lesson to one of the ward families after dinner. It was a spiritual thought relating how the defense that Captain Moroni set up in the city of Noah can be related to us defending our homes from our spiritual ''Lamanites.'' It was the first time that I have created the lesson completely by myself and led the whole discussion. I am pretty sure that my German was pretty bad, but they were able to get the message, so I guess it wasn't horrible.
      Other than that, we are having a blast doing God's work. We continue to find all of the polish people walking around town, and when we try to go up and talk to them we quickly find out that they have no idea what we are saying. We give them a card to our internet site and tell them it is in Polish as well. My companion is awesome, and I guess him family is going to move, so it kind of made me think of whenever Steven was out on his mission and we moved on him and sent him a picture of a shack and told him that it was our new abode. It was pretty funny. We are working our tails off trying to get some investigators that are actually progressing towards finding the happiness of the gospel. We have about 2 that have been meeting with the missionaries for years, so we are trying to find interesting ways to push them enough to make the decision to go with it or not. We met with a part-member family on Friday, and the husband was actually the one that initially started investigating the church, but his wife ended up getting baptized and he decided it wasn't for him. But as we were talking he really opened up again, so hopefully we will see if we can get him to commit to investigating the church again. Also, we were able to contact a brother of one of the Sister in the branch. He says that he has been wanting to come into church for a while now but that she is really busy. We will be meeting with him on Friday and we even invited her to help us teach!
     I hope you guys have a wonderful next seven days, and happy fathers day to all the grandparents and fathers that are keeping up with my e-mails. Until next week!


 - Elder Eric Gibson
  Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der Letzen Tage

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