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Monday, July 30, 2012

Dear Friends and Family,
     I enjoyed this week. I feel like Elder Bangerter and I are figuring out how to work best with each other, which is making the work go really well here. One of the days that really stood out to me was Tuesday. While my companion did the District Leader training, I went on a quick split with a brand new Elder in Dresden, and we did some street contacting. It is my third time doing this in Dresden because I did it while I was a Golden twice, but it was my first time as the more experienced missionary. It was somewhat difficult to talk to people without any back-up from a more experienced Elder, but we had a few really good conversations, and I was able to personally see all of the growth that I have made in just 3 short months of being here.
    We also decided to go to Zittau on Thursday, a smaller city a good 40 minute train ride south. I have been there a few times since serving in Görlitz, and the city has a lot of potential to hear the gospel. We made out a few apps as well as plan on meeting with a referral there in 2 weeks when we come back. Also, one of the most exciting things that happened this week was what I would describe as the "wettest lesson I have ever given". We started teaching someone about happiness and why God loves us, and at the same time the Heavens opened and we were drenched by rain. I am just glad that I was wearing a tie that I didn't really care for.
     Our baptismal dates are not doing the best right now. We are really concerned for one investigator named Franziska, a lady that we have been meeting with for the past few weeks. When we finished giving our lesson in priesthood the first hour, we were informed that she had run out of the church thinking that we were Jehovah's Witnesses because she found the name "Jehovah" in our Hymnal! The other ladies in the Branch tried to explain to her what the name meant, but she took her son out of Primary and they both left. We were able to finally talk about it with her that night, in which she explained that she had talked to some people in her church that claimed that we are a cult. We cleared it up with her, but as we were leaving her apartment house we ran into her mother, who it seems is really the one that has been telling her all of the false information about us. The other baptismal date is Enrico, whom is on vacation right now, so we are frankly not quite sure how he is doing. But we are really excited to meet with him again in August, and hopefully he can go a bit smoother than the investigator is.
     I hope that everyone enjoyed a wonderful week, and that you can make this one better than the last.

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