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Monday, July 16, 2012

Eichhörnchen- [EYE-KCH-HURN-KCHEN] Make all of the underlined KCH's like you would begin saying couch. But it actually means squirrel, if anyone was trying to fill out a German word search and just couldn't figure out 17-across. Don't worry, it took me a while to get as well...

     So, we had transfer calls on Saturday, and my official new location is in.... Görlitz! Yep, I get to stay, and train my new comp, Elder Bangeter, in the town. We were actually not sure what was going to happen because of how hard the Branch President worked to keep Elder James here. The branch has been having a hard time, so he got the Stake President to call our new Mission President to try to get him to stay. It didn't work out that way of course, but the new missionary is going to be called as the 1st councilor in the Branch, so we are going to be more busy doing some extra work for the branch. We also might get an adult missionary couple next transfer. I have yet to meet my new companion, but he will be coming tomorrow, so I will let you guys know a little bit more about him. He was actually with Elder James (my companion until tomorrow) a few transfers ago. I will be sad to see my trainer move on to his new town all the way over in the west of the mission. He is going to be a Zone Leader in Oldenburg. When the mission president called he told him that it was going to be his last city. He has about 3 more transfers before he is going home to back to start his life up in American Fork.
     As far as Görlitz goes, not too much news. We had a good week with plenty of appointments, but the work is unfortunately very slow in the East. We have 2 progressing investigators and plenty of contacts that we can't seem to get into our teaching pool. We are working really hard and trying to do tons of Joint-teaches with the ward to help them get the social aspect of the conversion process better, so hopefully we can start to see some headway soon. The highlight of the week was definitely on Sunday. One of the old missionaries (R.M. would probably be the best term) came back with his family to show them his mission, and combined with one of the members having a birthday and lots of visiting family, we were able to double our usual numbers and get 68 people in the chapel at once! Usually we are anywhere from 30-40, so our Branch President was really happy to see it full. The members were really sad to see my companion give his good-bye testimony, but they have to do it for every set of Elders eventually, so it is a happy-sad occasion. Sometimes I wish that our wards at home were as close to the elders and each other as this Branch is all the way over in East Germany. It is amazing to see the love they have for each other.
     But it is pretty late here and my companion needs to finish up packing for his 12 or so hour long train ride. Warmest wishes to everyone and keep praying for the missionaries, we need all the miracles we can get in order to do the work the Lord wants us to do. Also, remember to write letters to Elder Jacob Gibson in the Iowa Des Moines Mission, it seems like he's been needing some =D

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