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Monday, July 23, 2012

Word of the Week: Ferien (FAIR-een) Germany's summer break. We have been able to contact tons of people in their 20's due to this event going on right now.

     So my new companion's name is Elder Bangerter (yes, just like the road in Utah, he is descended from the governor it was named after), and he comes from American Fork, just like my last companion. He has been out for about a year, and he is a really hard worker. The first day he was here we started getting rid of all of the old and useless junk in the Wohnung, which if anyone knows me garnished no complaint. Now, we have a really nice and clean apartment that we can come back to at nights. I am not complaining about how it was before, but it was really nice to have it totally clean, which is something that I have been working on since I've moved in to Görlitz.
     As far as our week went. On Monday, Elder James and I had a great joint-teach with the brother of a member. He said he would show up to the activity on Saturday, so he is starting to make some progress. The next day was both "the best of times, and the worst of times (Charles Dickens)" because Elder James left to move on and become a zone leader in the West, and then my new companion came in. We were late picking him up because someone stopped us on the street and we were able to teach a lesson. Then, on Wednesday, we were able to be a Dritt (the Elder from Bautzin was still waiting to receive his new companion), so that was really fun, but not as efficacious as the usual two. The next few days, my new comp. and I worked out tails off trying to get our new goal of two baptismal commitments for this transfer. Then, on Saturday, we had the investigator show up plus a few more people that are not members, and it was a blast to play around with a lot of the members. Finally, today we were able to teach our first lesson to a guy in a city that is a good 30 minute train ride from Görlitz. We talked with him a bit about life after death, the spirit, and then were able to get him to commit to a baptismal date. It is good to see the miracles working here. Sorry that it is such a short e-mail, but we had a pretty busy day with the lesson forever away and all, so we are on a bit of a time crunch. I love everyone and best wishes!

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