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Monday, August 13, 2012

Hello Friends and Family,
     The work is moving forward here in Deutschland. We were able to have some really good days (you know the kind that you get home and your feet hurt from so much walking? Those are the kind of days that you like because it means you were busy doing work or that you and your companion got lost somewhere.) Our main success this week is from a man named Herr Höbler. I had met him a few times before, and he was always very drunk- both wanting and not wanting to try to give alcohol and his smoking habit up. But this week, we were able to finally get a hold of him. He told us that he wanted to kill himself (I found out he has had these thoughts multiple times before), and that his life was too hard and to destroyed for him to continue. We told him that we would like to come talk with him and get some ice cream, and when we got there we started talking about what he really wanted out of life. He said that he wanted to change, and so we decided to go ahead and start him on his path. First off, we decided to get him a haircut, then we made him take a bath, change into church clothes, and took him down to the ward building. He really enjoyed playing on the organ in the building, and by the end of our talk he had decided that he was going to give up smoking and drinking. As of today, 5 days later, he has not had a lick of either. He is an amazing guy and we are looking forward to helping him. He seems pretty auspicious, but my only fear is that when he was first found by the missionaries earlier this year, he had been dry for 2 months; so we need to secure a way to make sure that he will not slip into his old habits like he did last time. But I also know that if he really wants to change, that the gospel is one of the best ways to help him do it.
     We also had a really amazing miracle on Sunday, in which one of the members brought with her a nephew. He is not a member, but had a lot of really good questions about the church and what we believe. We gave him the first lesson and told him about the restoration, and he seemed really interested in reading the Book of Mormon. We have an appointment with him set up for Wednesday.
     One of the funniest things that happened this week was on our way back from the temple. The Swissters (so named by me because they are both from Switzerland) said that they were bored and wanted us to tell them a good American joke. We couldn't come up with anything good so finally someone said "knock- knock." Both of the Sisters stared at him like he was crazy because they had no idea why in the world an Elder would us a double-onomatopoeia for no apparent reason. We started laughing because we had to explain exactly what a knock-knock joke is and how they work. It is awesome how we sometimes take the ordinary things for granted, and in the end we all got a laugh (except the Swissters, they were just confused about the whole thing.)
     But that was some of the highlights from my week. I hope that everyone is staying healthy and happy, and that everyone is enjoying their summer break. Have a great one!

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