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Monday, August 20, 2012

 This transfer went by so quickly. It feels like the last 5 weeks just flew by in a blur. We have transfer calls this Saturday, so we will see if I have the opportunity to stay in Goerlitz or if I will be moved to another part of the mission, which I guess would also be an opportunity, but not what I'm really hopping for since I love this city so much. So if anyone has been wanting to send me a letter, they might want to hold off another week or try to get it in the mail soon to make sure that I get it before monday. But I also do not assume that I will be leaving either- the new mission president has been keeping us on our toes about pretty much everything, especially transfer calls.
     But as far as our week goes, here's the report. We had a great family home evening with the Lehmann and Mai families last Monday on the shore of a huge lake that is fairly close to Goerlitz. After the lesson we made some sandcastles and then played a game of Botchiball. The next few days consisted of lessons and plenty of hours of tracting  in the richer part of town where people actually have their own personal homes, which is really weird to me now that I have gotten used to Mittel- and Alt- stadt, where  everyone lives in rented apartments. We haven't seen any success there yet, but we are going faithfully every week until we do. I think that we can be the new definition of "obstinate," but we will see what Webster says about it. We are also getting into our new English course that we are doing at the church on Saturdays. We went to an advertisement shop printed off over 4500 cards for us to give to people and drop in mailboxes. Even if just 3 people decide to come it will be worth it; if not, we just supported the death of a few trees. It was kind of interesting how cheap we were able to do it for though. If we had chosen to go and buy just blank paper, it would have costed more than what we did at the store. At least we got to save one kind of green! (Yes, that was very cheesy, I know.)
     We had Zone Conference on Friday, and both the mission president and his wife gave really great talks. The main theme was "living our lives in crescendo," and we talked about how to make sure that we are constantly improving ourselves in every aspect of our lives. He then told us the story of a pioneer family that had just lost a daughter, and in response to their tragedy, one of the nearby members of the family started singing a hymn that ended up being joined by the entire Martin- Willie Handcart Company. We did the same thing in the little chapel in Leipzing: one missionary started singing the beginning to a hymn and then we slowly joined him until the entire building was filled with our voices and the spirit. My companion and I also did a duet, which also turned out really well. In the American hymnbook the song we did is called "brightly beams our father's mercy." Sister Kosak gave her talk on Psalms 23 (which is a literary masterpiece of itself and I would recommend looking it up) and talked about how it relates to missionary work.
     We also had an efficacious use-of-time-miracle combo whenever my companion was able to talk with someone on the train on the way back, and gave the first lesson, the Restoration. I came up to eve's drop and was surprised that they were speaking in English. I was quickly reminded of just how hard it is to teach in English, especially once you get a hold on how to question and answer in another language, and so I had to do a double-translation type of thing where I wanted to say something in German and had to make sure to translate it back into English before I actually said it. The guy was actually on a type of Christian mission trip himself, and so he was really open and respected what we are doing.
     I am super excited for all of the people that are going to be headed out on their missions pretty soon; namely my Aunt Sheron and Uncle Rick, Jordan T. Boyd in September, and now I just found out that my cousin Alyssa is also going to be heading out into the field! I am so proud of all of you and am excited to know that you will be working along-side me.

I love you all and wish you another wonderful week!

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