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Monday, September 3, 2012

Hello Family and Friends! We had a week filled to the brim with miracles. Our goal to get 60 new investigators this transfer is going wonderfully (we have already put 15 people on the list and are only a week in!), and we were even able to get some new investigators that seem really promising. One of them is the Zelder family, which is a couple that has been coming every week for quite some time to do Genealogy work at the church. We have been helping them a bit in trying to find one of his ancestors, and this last time, she finally asked a heartfelt question about why there are so many Christian churches. We gave her a version of the first lesson customized to answer her question and gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon. She seemed to understand the message that we shared fairly well, and promised us that she would read it. Later in the week, we had a street display in the middle of Goerlitz, and within the first 20 minutes we handed out all of our DVD's to people, which usually never happens. By the end of our time in the square, we handed out 4 copies of the Book of Mormon and had quite a few auspicious street lessons. Our other miracle was that someone came to our English class on Saturday! She was referred by a friend that got one of our cards, and so now we are teaching her the very basics of conversational English. We also have a list of people who said that they would be interested, and so we are hoping that next week our number of students can double or even triple. Another really cool thing happened on Thursday while we were trying to do door-to-door contacting in the rich part of town. I say "rich" because all of these people have stand-alone houses, which in not very demotic in Germany as a whole, and only the people with cars and the most pulchritudinous houses live there. But anyways, we had just been in the neighborhood for only 20 minutes before it started dumping rain on us. We had not planned on any rain that day, and so we went on for a bit without umbrellas and with our packs starting to get soaked. We finally stopped and said a prayer that the Heavens would slow down the rain just enough for us to keep doing our work. Of course, right after we finished the rain did not cease, but doubled. But then, about 20 minutes later, the rain stopped and turned into just a light fog, and it stayed like that the entire rest of the day, allowing us to pass out our English cards and follow our plans of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. It reminded me somewhat of the scripture in Ether 12, where the witness only comes after the trial of faith. Our faith was tried, we pushed on, and now I can bare witness to all of you that the lady that showed up on Saturday for English was only there because of one of the cards that we were able to hand out that night- an answer to our prayer. I am glad to be serving a mission and to be able to learn and grow in my testimony. Have a great week and thank you for your prayers.

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