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Monday, October 15, 2012

Eric's new Location, Prenzlau Germany!

Well, I am finally all situated in my new city, Prenzlau, north-east of the capital of Berlin. It is a beautiful little town, and is situated right next to a picturesque lake and some beautiful country side. But like I said, it is fairly small- only about half the size of my last location. So, here is why I consider it a "rough start" into my new city: On Tuesday, I missed my connection from Berlin to Prenzlau by about two minutes. The next train was not for another two hours, and I did not have a way to contact my new companion, making him have to wait in the city by himself for a while. His name is Elder Primas, and he comes from Munich, a city in southern Germany. He has really good English, so much so that he continuously tries to speak English with me when all I want to do is speak German to get my language skills better. The next day, only my second day in the city, Elder Primlas came down with a pretty bad flu, resulting in us having to stay in our apartment for the rest of the day. Then, only two days later, I came down with the exact same thing, and we had to stay inside once again because every three hours I was throwing up. I haven't been sick for at least two years, so it was a very miserable reminder of the blessing of health that I usually enjoy. That is why it was a rough start. The good news, although, is that by the next day (Sunday) I was well enough for us to be able to go to Berlin to see President Monson as he addressed us live in the International Conference Center. It was really cool to see how many members there really are in Germany and how much they love the prophet. The prophet spoke to us in English, one sentence at a time, and was followed by a German translator right next to him repeating it auf Deutsch. He did a really good job of translating, and I enjoyed trying to see if I could beat him or translate it in a diferent way than he did. President Monson talked quite a bit about Goerlitz and the promises that he made there, but his overarching emphasis was on the importance of sharing the gospel to those that are unaware of the blessings and miracles that appear in it. He related it to a blind man, whom could not yet see the spring of the Restoration, and is held back by malice, hate, anger, envy, or rebellion. He gave a really great talk, and it was wonderful to be able to see him in person. I love the prophet, as well as all of his teachings. But now it is Monday, and everything is looking better. I am once again healthy and now really excited to get started in Prenzlau. Due to the conference yesterday, I am not sure how many members there are, but our church building is a rented-out floor just above a suntanning salon. Now before I go to church I can make sure that I have golden-brown skin! It is the same spirit and it looks beautiful on the inside, so it is just a testimony to me that where you meet has absolutely no influence on you feeling the spirit. I love you guys and hope that all is well back home. Oh, yeah, and here is my new address in Prenzlau. Elder Eric Gibson Wittenhofer Strasse 1 17291 Prenzlau Germany Have a great week!

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