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Monday, October 29, 2012

Here in the northern end of Deutschland, we can tell that winter in rolling out his icy hands. The last few days of last week were around 5° Celsius, which made me finally pull out my coat that I will irrefragably be wearing for the next few months. So far, the climax of all the weather hit us on Saturday, as my companion and I were trying to do street contacting in a very chilling, icy rain and wind that cut through to the bone. But unfortunately for the weather, and my poor companion, I obstinately withstood, declaring my Colorado upbringing and Viking lineage (if not by blood than at least by the name "Erik") against the cold. But even though the weather is going down, the work here is picking up a bit. We had a few really awesome miracles this week. First of all, we are meeting with these two ladies from Kenya, who are both progressing wonderfully. They both speak fairly good English and are really spiritual. When we meet, it is in the Auslanderheim (Foreigner home) in their very humble, yet respectable room. The best part is that they came to church on Sunday, which Elder Primas said has not happened for at least 3 months here. The members seemed pretty excited, but they did not see too much of each other because on Sunday we had the last session of General Conference being played, and so we had our investigators in the English-speaking room with us missionaries. They seemed to really like the talks and are excited to meet with us again this week. We have also been meeting with some other people that have some interest, one of which finally gave testimony of the Book of Mormon last week. We also were able to make out tons of new appointments this week, as so we are really hoping that some of those can go through and that we will be able to get a teaching pool going here. I think one of the biggest miracles that we have here in Prenzlau is simply just the Missionary couple, the Böhms, that we get to work with. They have been doing quite a few joint-teaches with us and have been able to drive us around to the smaller cities that we do not usually get to visit. Elder Böhm has a really great testimony and understanding of the gospel, and he is one of the reasons that we have missionaries serving in Turkey right now (its a really fun story involving Latvia and the UN). Sister Böhm is hilarious and gives the missionaries some great food. So, all in all, the ball is starting to roll here, and hopefully we can keep up the appointments we have and get some new ones going before it gets too cold. Thank you everyone for your prayers and for your support. I know that we are on this Earth to fulfill a great and noble cause. I know that Joseph Smith was called as a prophet to restore the keys of the Gospel in the last days. And finally, I know that Thomas S. Monson is the called prophet who holds these keys today. Have an awesome week!

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