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Monday, October 8, 2012

I feel amazed at how quickly and easily life is changed. We had our transfer calls on Saturday, and it looks like I am going up north (just in time for winter) to Prenzlau, near the East Sea. I will be getting there on Tuesday, so I can tell you guys all about it next week. My companion, like Elder Jacob Gibson, is getting a new missionary to train, so the city will have back-to-back new missionaries. I am both excited and sad to be going to a new area and new companion (I will also tell you about him next week, but he is a native speaker, so I think that my language is going to improve quite a bit). I love Goerlitz and all of the people there. We had such an amazing transfer though, so it was definitely a great way to end my service in my first city. We had a great week, in which the Baumans, the new missionary couple in Goerlitz, joined us in our efforts to teach and serve the people. They are doing wonderfully in the branch and have brought a new kind of excitement to the members. It is wonderful to see the change taking place. We have also made quite a bit of headway with our investigator, Jana Nocke, including a miracle of a lesson with her on Tuesday. We were intending to teach her with a member, but he was busy and could not come. We only had an hour to find another member, or we would have to cancel the lesson with her. After many calls and prayers, we finally got in contact with a less-active member. She consented, and she was able to explain the idea of tithing really well. Sister Bauman was also there, and said is very simple German (she cannot speak the language quite yet) and then afterwards in English with us translating what tithing means to her. It was a such a great lesson. Additionally, we have been doing quite a bit of service both for the community as well as for the ward. It has been successful, and a family that we helped trim their trees on Friday is also making a large amount of growth in the gospel. We also had the opportunity to go to the temple this week, and it was wonderful to be able to do another session in the House of the Lord, especially after cleaning it last week. It has a completely new and sacred meaning for me. General Conference was also a wonderful boost, a great way to end the transfer, and also an auspicious start for my time in my new area. It is really interesting how they have is set up with the 8 hour time difference, and so the only two sessions that we are able to see live are the Saturday and Sunday morning sessions. I was able to watch a couple in German as well, which was really fun but really hard because they have to talk extremely fast sometimes. My favorite talk was by Elder Holland about the apostles being called to the work after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. He speaks with such great power and influence, and just increased my drive to major in English to use words like he does. Also, the news about missionaries is so crazy!!! I am excited to see the numbers of missionaries in spring as all of the missionaries start getting into the field, and my own personal belief is that the number of sister missionaries is going to increase dramatically. It is awesome that the options for both the men and the women are widened so that we can accelerate the work of the Lord. I hope that everyone also had a great Conference weekend and that all is doing well at home and abroad. I love you all and wish you the best. Until next week, in which I am excited to tell all of you about my experiences with President Monson when he comes to Berlin!

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