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Monday, November 12, 2012

Dear Family and Friends, Prenzlau is doing pretty well. This week was a bit slower than the last couple weeks as far a work goes, but I don't have any complaints. We had our Zone Finding Day on Wednesday in our city, which means that we got all of the missionaries in our Zone (about 14 of us in all) and spread them out within three other towns in our area. We saw quite a bit of success, and have quite a few new appointments set up for this week. We did not manage to meet with very many of our investigators this week, but one of them, Herr Fertig (which is a funny name since it translates into "Mr. Finish") showed up to church this week, which was a wonderful surprise, especially for the members. He has not been to church for years! They all greeted him with smiles and talked quite a bit with him, which is always a really good thing to see a ward do. It really helps because it makes it much easier to invite him to church again the next week. We had a wonderful Branch Conference, in which the theme was the light of the gospel and making sure that we have this light in our lives. I think that it really touched him. Our other investigators from Kenya could not make it this Sunday because they decided to visit another church. We are hoping that they are still interested in our message, but we will have to see this coming week if they still want to continue meeting. Another highlight of the week was when we went to another town on Saturday to do a service project in the Zoo. It was really fun, and we raked up about 15 truck-loads of dead, fallen leaves. Afterwards, they let us roam around the Zoo for free. We decided to go to their Darwin-Museum, which pretty much just takes one through the stages of evolution. As the main attraction, they had some gigantic apes and other species of monkeys within a geodesic dome that seemed like a rain forest from the inside. They had it set up really well, and so it was really fun to go through. Unfortunately, it was a 3 hour train ride there and another 3 hours back, so it used up most of the day. It is crazy to think that I have already been in this town for almost a transfer- going on the sixth week. Time really flies out here! Included in this E-mail is a picture of my no-longer-brand-new companion, Elder Primas. An interesting side note: his mother is a twin, just like my mom. He said a pretty funny quote yesterday: "I've gotta go to the restroom... and think about Japanese vocabulary." We are having a good time together. Anyways, we are going to head down to Berlin today with a few other missionaries to see some of the sites. I hope that everyone is doing really well and that they are staying warm now that winter is finally settling in. Tschüß! - Elder Eric Gibson Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der Letzen Tage
Elder Primas and Elder Gibson

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