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Monday, November 5, 2012

Elder Primas and I had a good week this week. We have been teaching some very promising people that each have wonderful spirits about them. We have also been having investigators come to church, which has not happened for quite a while here. Some of the days are fairly difficult because we are doing quite a bit of finding, but the Lord is blessing us with people that are sincerely interested in our message. One of the most amazing investigators that we have is Frau Köster, who has read quite a bit from the Book of Mormon and told us in our last appointment that she knows that it is true. She also showed up for church yesterday, and said that she really enjoyed it. The members were excited to see a new face, and so they also did a great job of making her feel welcome. Our two ladies from Kenya are also doing really well, and they are planning on doing a fast this week to find out if the Book of Mormon is true or not. They say that sometimes people in Kenya fast for weeks or months (one of her friends followed Christ's example and did a 40-day fast!!!), so we are hoping that they do not try to go for too long. I can barely make a day, let alone longer! Elder Primas and I have also been doing really well. We have been doing well with speaking German with each other- I have learned a lot over the last few weeks- and our teaching unity is getting progressively better. It is really fun to be with him because of the cultural diffrences. He wants to have curry with everything, and he loves foods that I have simply never tried before and I would not have with an american companion. Halloween was pretty fun here. Not as many children as in the states go trick-or-treating (here they call it "susses oder saures," which means "sweet or sour," but they had some good costumes on. Right as we were about to leave our apartment, two boys rang on the doorbell, and Elder Primas in his gormlessness let them in. We were able to find some chocolate bars that we were planning on giving a member for his birthday. Those two sure were spoiled! That night, we trick-or-treated the missionary couple that lives here. They did not answer because they thought that we were little kids wanting candy, and they did not have anything because they had just arrived from being at the temple. I also managed to come up with a good quote of the week. That is: It's always easier to count what's going wrong that what's going right, but the latter is well worth the effort. It is something that I have had to apply sometimes on my mission, but when one counts the blessings rather than the mishaps, one can lead a much happier life. Well, all in all I got to say that this week was a great week here in Prenzlau. I hope everyone is doing great and that this week is a really good one, especially for my mom because she has a birthday this week. I love her and am so greatful for everything that she does. Tschüß!

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