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Monday, November 19, 2012

Hey Everyone! It was a great week and end to the transfer. On Saturday, we had transfer calls, and I will be staying in Prenzlau for another one at least, which means that I will be here for Christmas. (Don't worry, I've already been looking for a cheap Christmas tree- I found a good one for only 40€.) As far as this last week went, we spent quite a bit of time doing finding, including trying to get a variety of doors, street contacting, and calling people. Many people, unfortunately, are unable to meet with us due to the coming holiday season. I am very grateful, although, for technology and that we can still help our investigators even if they do not have enough time to meet with us as much as we would like. Our two ladies from Kenya, who we are hoping to set out baptismal dates with soon, could not meet with us on Saturday, but we were able to set up a date and time for them to start their fast, and so we are hoping to hear their answer sometime this week about if they believe the Book of Mormon is true. Our other progressing investigator was also unavailable because she is on vacation, and so we are going to meet with her in a few weeks. Other than that, we are meeting with some investigators that are having trouble progressing, as well as some less-active members. The best thing is that we have many first appointments that we have made out, and so hopefully some of them will go through and we can get Prenzlau pretty busy. Ever since I have gotten here, Elder Primas and I have been working hard and we are seeing the work start to pick up, so it is really exciting. I am really happy to stay with Elder Primas for another six weeks. He has really helped me with learning German as well as how to have fun doing missionary work. He has a sense of humor very similar to mine, and so we just laugh a lot. I am trying to learn the scriptures as well as he knows and understands them, and we have had some really amazing gospel discussions. This week, we are supposed to go to a member's house for Thanksgiving, but she was feeling sick on Sunday, so we will see if it works out. If not, then I will put together random things and we will call it our feast anyways. We are going to be having our mission Christmas devotional on November 28th, so if anyone wants to try to send anything, make sure to send it straight to the address in Prenzlau (found below); not to the mission office. But I hope that everyone is doing well and that they have a great Thanksgiving. Thank you for your prayers and support! Elder Eric Gibson Wittenhofer Strasse 1 Prenzlau 17291 Germany - Elder Eric Gibson Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der Letzen Tage

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