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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Of Fallen Appointments and Women

As the days to Christmas draw closer, so does the busy-ness of most people. We had quite a few of our appointments fall through, and none of the people that we were hoping would become investigators did so. The rest, our investigators that should be progressing, were all unavailable. The good news, or the auspicious, little light at the end of my tunnel, is they have been excited to meet us whenever we call them. Now, all we need to do is actually get a time to get together and do it. X_X Due to all of these appointments that did not go through, we spent much of our time on the streets of Prenzlau and the other cities in the immediate area. We have been travelling often to these other cities to try to find investigators that have not yet heard of our message. We have met some really promising people, but we have not as yet been able to teach many of them. But! They are out there, and we are going to try to find the prepared ones. The highlight of the week took place yesterday with church. We received a phone about two hours before services and were told that both President Leonhardt, the Branch President, and Elder Böhm, his second-councilor, were both sick, and that they would not be able to make it to church. In other words, Elder Primas and I ran the entire program for church yesterday. Yep, we were the only two Priesthood in the building. It was us and about 13 women. Fortunately, Elder Primas was already assigned to give the talk in Sacrament, so all I had to do was give a testimony at the end. But for Sunday School, I gave the lesson in our combined meeting. It turned out pretty well for me only having about 40 minutes to prepare it before church. I have a testimony of what my companion said: "Sometimes it is better if you do not have any time. If you get a week, the Lord expects you to prepare that week and then he'll do the rest; but if you only get 10 minutes, the Lord will do everything for you!" Additionally, I have a testimony of the power and spirit of revelation, for I felt it and experienced it as I was preparing the lesson. I also have a testimony that the organization of the church is one of the modern miracles; for, now I know and can testify that it still functions, even if on the shoulders of two 20-year-olds. I hope that everyone has a good week, and my heart goes out to all of you as we start the Christmas Season. Perhaps, for those who are interested, I can quickly explain how the Germans celebrate. First of all, each Sunday, they have what they call an Advent. There are 4 candles of varying heights. On the first advent (the first Sunday of December), one burns a candle until it is equal in size with the next one. As the candle burns, one thinks of Christ and his sacrifice and what Christmas truly symbolizes. The next week, the two candles are burned until they are even with the 3rd. On the 4th week, all four candles are lit until they go out. On the 6th of December is when St. Nicolas (Santa) comes, but instead of toys and stockings, he fills the children's shoes with candy and other sweets. The 24th is called Heilige Abend (the holy evening), and the 25th-26th are their two Christmas days. They also are big fans of stars and real Christmas trees, which I never really experienced growing up, and so I am pretty excited for a real one. Have an awesome week and keep mission work in your prayers!

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