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Monday, December 17, 2012

Mission Tour- Weekly Letter

This last week was really nice. The work picked up a bit from what it has been the last few weeks. My companion and I were able to get out our first new appointment in over a month, and so we are really excited about seeing him on Tuesday. We are hoping that the work here continues to increase. This week was also special because we had a General Authority come to do a Mission Tour. It was president Richards of the European Area Presidency, and he is a really great man. I have to agree with a comment that my brother Jacob made about his own Mission Tour experience: It is just 4 hours of someone telling you all of the things that you are not doing well enough, but that it is one of the most edifying experiences that a missionary can have. He focused on Christs' parable in John 15 (I would recommend doing a thorough study of it no matter who you are. The analogy and structure of the chapter is amazing both rhetorically and poetically). I really enjoyed his teaching style and it made me want to refocus myself as a missionary. Our investigators are doing well. The ones we are teaching right now are fairly interested and are keeping the commitments we give them, which is all a missionary can ask for. We are hoping to make out a baptismal date with one later this evening. She said our last meeting that every time she opens the Book of Mormon she finds exactly what she needed. So cool! Seems like life is getting pretty busy in America. I am hearing quite a bit of news about everyone in the family. You are all in my prayers and in my thoughts! Germany is getting excited for the Christmas season and people are starting to open their hearts to the message that we share. I hope everyone has a great 4th advent.

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