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Monday, December 3, 2012

The Christmas Season is starting, and let me tell you, the Germans are serious about it. We held our Christmas Multi-Zone Conference on Wednesday (since we have a 70 doing what is called a "mission tour" on the 13th of this month, so we moved it a bit earlier). It was great though; President Kosak is an awesome Mission President and is helping our mission to become truly amazing teachers. We got half of the mission together in Berlin (about 110 missionaries) and did a gift exchange in the gym of the Stake Center here. I got a package of Twix and some German chocolate. We also got some advent calendars to write down our miracles for each day of December. I also received what I thought was the coolest thing since a water cooker- we had SNOW on the ground the First Day of December. It did not last through the day, but I sure was proud to walk on a half-melted patch and claim it as my first step on snow in Germany. The work is also proceeding forth for the holidays. This week, I felt an auspicious yearning to speak with people about Christ. Our message centers so much around Him and his atonement, and at this time and season, people are willing to really figure out who this guy is that keeps popping up everywhere. It is also nice for the members, since it is much easier to mention Him during this season. We saw quite a bit of growth in our investigators this week, especially in one of our ladies from Kenya who finally told us about her feelings as she fasted and prayed about the Book of Mormon. She says she wants to study it out more and continue, but that she feels the Spirit as she thinks about it. So cool... Yesterday, Elder Primas and I celebrated the first advent. The pictures of it are the ones that I attached to this letter. It is a really efficacious way to focus on Christ and the true meaning of Christmas, and we sung some German songs out of the hymnal while it burned. It was really hard to read with only the candle's light, so we cheated and turned a desk lamp on as well. We also had the wonderful opportunity to eat at a members house this week, which has been the first eating appointment since I've been in Prenzlau. I am so grateful for members and the sacrifice that they make to feed us. I exhort everyone to share the messages of the Restoration and of Christ the next few weeks. There are not enough people that have enough faith. I hope everyone has a great start to December and the holiday season. I love you all and wish the best for you. Thanks for your support and your prayers!

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