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Monday, December 31, 2012

     Well, another year is already passed by. It is kind of weird to me to think that most of it was spent wearing a nametage and in a totally different country, but those are the kind of events and epiphanies that really make life interesting. These last two weeks (since I really did not include much last week) were a roller coaster of events. Much of our time here in Prenzlau is in supporting this tiny little branch, and so it makes one really feel the love of Christ in the service of our fellow men.      Well, last week was just a regular mission week. We had a really high number of appointments since everyone did not want to meet this week. Our main investigator is doing wonderfully. We taught her twice last week, and both times she had great questions and was honest about her feelings. We presented to her the Word of Wisdom, and so she is going to test it until New Years. We also had an appointment with a man in Agermuende, a nearby and fairly small town. He is very interested in the gospel and our church, and has been searching for a religion that he actually agrees with. We will start doing regular meetings with him hopefully in the coming weeks. Oh, yeah, and we lived through doomsday on the 21st, so that was also nice.      But this week was something a bit more special. It was one of the best Christmas seasons that I have ever had, and the German traditions just added to the excitement. On Christmas Eve (Heilige Abend), we went to one of the older members that is in a nursing home, Donald, and talked with him about our favorite things of Christmas. Usually when we stop by, he does not talk very much, but on Christmas Eve, he seemed like a totally different guy and was very responsive. On Christmas day, we had an eating appointment with the Missionary couple here, followed by another one at a member's home. She served us roasted duck and klöße, which are little balls that are pretty much the hybrid of potatoes and mashed potatoes (they are good, especially with a nice sauce). Her non-member family was there too, so we had a great chance to open them up a bit more to our message. Then, I went to the Missionary Couple's apartment once again and we called our families, which was certainly a highlight of the day. And then, on the second Christmas Day, which the Germans like to celebrate since it is another day-off, all of the missionaries in our district went to a few members in Prenzlau and the nearby area, Eberswalde, and sung Christmas carols to them.       As far as the changes coming up with Transfer calls: there was quite a few of them. First of all, we have two brand new zones that were created in order to receive all the new missionaries that will be coming in. Next transfer, we will get 17 Sisters and 14 Elders, and so president told all of the Sister missionaries that they should expect to be training. As far as the area here, I will be staying in Prenzlau and will be training a new missionary. I will be picking him up on Thursday in Berlin, so I have no idea who it is yet. It has really humbled me to get anemail byresponsibility like that, and I have no idea how to train in an area like this, but it should be fun.      Well, that is all the news that I have right now. My address will stay the same for at least another six weeks, but most likely twelve. I hope everyone had a great Christmas, und dass jeder wird ein guten Rutsch ins Neujahr haben ( and that everyone will have a good 'slide' into the New Year). Talk to you next year!   - Elder Eric Gibson   Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der Letzen Tage

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