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Monday, January 28, 2013

I hope that everyone is being able to stay happy and warm. All I have heard about the States for the last few week is that it is super cold, especially in the Utah and Idaho regions. It has been really warm here. The coldest it has been getting is only around freezing, which is not really enough to make me worry, nor feel at home in Colorado-like weather. We had a fairly good week. It has been a slow time for us here in Prenzlau, and we are trying everything we can to find people and have investigators that are making progress, but it just hasn't happened yet. We have only 2 investigators that we have met with in the last few weeks- both are not progressing very well. One says that he is too old and does not want to change religions, and the other only meets with us becuase he thinks that we are a very interesting religion. Both of them are super solid guys that are really nice and loving, but neither of them are really meeting with us for the right reasons. All of our other investigators are just super hard to contact or have said the heart-sinking, "I'll call you later when I have time" phrase. On Wednesday, we had interviews with the mission president. Once it was my turn, I walked in the room and President Kosak said, "Elder Gibson, you have already been out so long on your mission!" I realized the truth of his statement- I have already been out for 10 months. But what he didn't realize is that he has also been out a long time, because I was only in my 2nd transfer whenever he came into the mission. I had a good interview, and I really look up to President Kosak. He is an amazing man. On Sunday, we had one of the councilors from the District Presidency visit. He gave an amazing talk, urging the members here to fast and pray to be able to have a Branch President that is not imported from another branch. President Leonhardt, the current president, comes from Neubrandenburg, and he will end his service in the Summer, which is very quickly approaching. Anyways, our new Branch directive, or the new aim of the scope of our missionary-rifle, is aimed squarely at the men of Prenzlau. We are going to look for a new Branch President. If he comes from the Inactives or is a newly baptized member, it is okay with us- we just need someone who can fulfill that duty. Elder Gerberding is doing great. He is getting into the habit of being a missionary and no longer has an ounce of Jet-lag left in him. He is always excited to be doing the work and is a honest, loving missionary. Well, there's the update from Prezlau for this week. I love everyone!

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