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Monday, January 14, 2013

Well, the snow is finally back, and once again the temperatures match what I read on the calendar. It didn't make very much sense to read January then go out into March. I am a fan of the snow, but only as long as I can stay warm in it. Our investigators are doing well, but none of them are progressing at the speed at which I am hoping for. They continue to struggle with keeping the commitments we give them, but almost all of them are very nice and enjoy meeting with us to just talk. Our most hopeful investigator was sick this week, and so she did not show up to church on Sunday either, which she said that she was hoping to do. We also had a couple that we started meeting with last week that said that they do not really think it is worth meeting because they are not interested in knowing if Joseph Smith was a prophet or not, and they they are fine accepting all religions without choosing one. It broke my heart to hear... But!! we were able to finally get in contact with an older investigator, and we will meet with her on Wednesday, which I am really excited for. Her name is Grace, and she is from Kenya. Need I say more? Also, on Friday we had an amazing experience in Schwedt, a city in our area. We were doing doors on the far reaches of the town, and suddenly a lady came up and was talking to her friend about how she used to live there. Suddenly, she turned to us and said, pointing to Elder Gerberding, "Hey, I know you!" We were both taken aback, and after seeing our blank stares she clarified that she had already met once with the missionaries, had picked up a Book of Mormon in her home just the day before, and was wondering what she should do with it. After a nice conversation we finally gave her our card and asked her to call us. It was such an amazing miracle. Elder Gerberding in doing well. After a whole week, he is finally adjusting to the sleeping schedule and being a missionary. On Saturday, we had our first eating appointment (for a reminder of his allergies, it is milk, nuts, and chicken). In short terms, he was very afraid of it; especially after he watched her cooking it and adding spices that looked suspicious. But in the end, she was able to make sure that it did not contain any of the foods that he could not eat and he was able to stomach it down without any problems. He really enjoys German cooking, but it takes him a while to try new foods because he has to wait and see if he gets any kind of reaction. As far as this passing-out part, it was an occurrence on Wednesday, which is when we have our English class. Our usual student brought a friend with her this time. Right after we introduced ourselves they told us that they had just donated some blood, and so they needed to sit down after climbing the two flights of stairs to the church. Suddenly, we looked over at the new lady, and she was starting to seize on her chair. The student and I laid her down and the floor and she woke up a few seconds afterwards. She said how sorry she was, but we just laughed about it and got her some water and chocolate. Well, that pretty much sums up our week. The work is going along slowly here, but as you can see there are miracles and great stories along the way. Until next week!

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