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Monday, February 11, 2013

We had a pretty busy week this week, and so it seemed to pass by fairly quickly for me. We had a few exchanges with the District Leader and Zone Leaders, and so the week seemed to go buy in a flash because it felt like I was behind by a few days. But it was really nice to wake up on what felt was just a Thursday morning and to get ready for church. The good news first- I am going to be staying here in Prenzlau with Elder Gerberding for another transfer, which means that I can finish up his training with him. The bad news- I don't have anything for those pessimistic people who like to hear bad news. Our investigators, unfortunately, have not changed much. They are harder to get hold of then a soap bar with wet hands, and so we keep thinking that we have solid contact and then they just fly away again into the sink. But the good news is that amongst all of this craziness we are still finding new people, and so I am really excited to see the work when it starts to pick up here. I am pretty happy to be able to stay though. This has been a pretty hard area for me, but I feel like I have been able to grow here more than any other thing I have ever done, and so now that I have grown I hope that I can start to make a bigger affect on the people here. The main highlights of this week are that we had some pretty awesome success with a member here that we are trying to get ready and worthy for the priesthood. He has already been a member for a few years, and with each lesson he is asking us what he needs to do, and so it is awesome to see his change of attitude. The other one is that we had the District President here yesterday, and he is a very kind and loving man. We are going to be having District Conference next week, and so I am excited to be able to see him again. Other than that, there were not really any big things that happened this week. Due to all of the companionship exchanges, it was quite a bit of travel time on trains, and so also a bit of time for reflection and goal-setting, which was fairly nice to have. I hope everyone has an awesome week and Valentine's day. Also, a very happy birthday to my Daddy! He is turning what the Germans like to call stone-old. Have a great one! -- - Elder Eric Gibson Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der Letzen Tage

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