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Monday, February 4, 2013

Breakfast with the Boehms

We had such a great week here in Prenzlau! Our investigators are finally starting to come out of their winter hibernation, and so hopefully the work will start to pick up here soon. We had quite a bit of the same, but we also had some really fun events this week that I wanted to report on: One of our investigators (the Catholic one) has been doing pretty well. He said that he doesn't want to join our church, but in the same breath he also says how amazing our Plan of Salvation is and how well we know what we are teaching him. He is really nice, but it is oh, so hard to keep in focused on any given topic for more than 2 minutes. We have been working on how to teaching principles of the gospel in about a minute and a half. Our other major investigator has also been doing amazingly well. She has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and knows that Joseph Smith is a prophet, and so she is just a few concerns and questions away from joining the church. The only major concern that we have with her is that she just lost her job, and so she is really going to need some strength and support from the gospel, which she is still relatively new in. But she has a strong testimony of prayer and the reality and power of God, and so I think that she will be able to pull through. On Thursday, Elder Gerberding and I decided to visit another town all the way at the bottom corner of our area. The name of the town is Templin, and it is worth taking a look at on Google maps sometime. It has to be the second most pulchritudinous town that I have seen in Deutchland, and it has as complete of a city was as possible in this century. The people were also fairly nice, as far as the German's street culture of completely ignoring all other human being goes. It is funny sometimes to say good morning to someone and get a response that seems like you may have hit them with a stick. It is a wonderful blend of confusion, yet cordiality. This morning, we had lunch at the Missionary Couple's house in which all of the members of the group brought recipes for a breakfast item. My companion and I decided to do Breakfast Doeners, a creation that Elder Primas and I finally mastered at the end of our last transfer. It is really delicious, and the ingredients can all be found in America, so I will be able to make it when I come home as well! It is basically a breakfast burrito with a baked pita break shell rather than the traditional tortilla. Sister Boehm then showed us how to make her style of desert crepes, and the other elders did not end up having enough time, but they were planning on making omelets. The last thing, and one of the highlights of the transfer, was that we had 3 member appointments yesterday. When we woke up in the morning, we were only planning on having one, but it quickly changed at church in which one of the members wanted us to come over and eat and then the next wanted us to stop by because her family was in town and she wanted to show us her granddaughter, a girl who has been investigating the church for quite some time now and we are hoping will start formally taking the lessons soon. She normally lives in Berlin, so the member jumped on the chance for us to come over and say hi. The last appointment was with a less-active family that we visit very regularly. He is a priesthood holder, and so we are working really hard on getting him back to church. Well, that about sums up the events of this week. We are going to be having transfer calls on Saturday, so hold on to any letters for a week or so until I have it confirmed that I am going to stay or go. I still have another transfer of training with Elder Gerberding, so I hope that I can stay, but with all of the new missionaries that are going to be coming in over the next few months there is not any surety. All the best for this week! -- - Elder Eric Gibson Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der Letzen Tage

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