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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

     First of all, let me quickly apologize that this letter is a day late. Fortunately, E-mail is free, so I do not have to worry about being a dollar short. Yesterday, we were helping the Missionary Couple, the Böhms, move to their new appartment, and it took up literally the entire day to do. Because of it, we are doing our P-day pretty broken up between all of the other days that we are also trying to do work on, which should be pretty exciting, haha.
    This week was good. We are currently working with a woman who is progressing very well in the gospel. She understands the principals like a member, and so all she needs is to get a desire to know if it is true or not. We have had some really good lessons with her though. The work is picking up a bit here in Prenzlau, which is always really nice and makes it very exciting for us. This week, we had a pretty awesome miracle that occured on Friday:
     Usually, Friday is the day that we go to a town in our area called Schwedt. We have a few inactive members and contacts there, and so we go at least once a week to get our work done. This week was the week of Fast Sunday, and so we usually give the members there the sacrament. Unfortunately, we did not have any Sacramental cups in the apartment, and so we had to run to the church to get some more, which meant that we missed our train. Of course, we had to change our plans a bit due to this obstacle. Instead, we took a bus 20 minutes later. We had to catch a transfer bus in a very small town named Gramzow, and we totally missed that bus too. The next bus was not going to come for another hour or so, and so Elder Gerberding and I did an improved Weekly Planning and then made a plan C for our work in Schwedt because now we would only have 2 hours to get all of the things done that we had planned to get done in 4. We prayed that we could be effective with our time and get the most important things done there. Once we got into the town, we ran straight to our first inactive member and gave him the sacrament. We had a very spiritual lesson, and then we headed straight out to the next. Right outside of his building, we were able to get a lesson on the street. Later, on the way to her house, the inactive member that we were heading to found us on the street. She said that she had been wanting and looking for a way to contact us, but that she could not find our number. She had been in the hospital the entire week and she was just then running home before she went back to the hospital. The fact that she caught us was a total miracle, and if we had gotten there earlier, like we had initially planned, we would have missed her completely. Due to that, it also gave us enough time to stop by on the other inactive members there and to also give them the sacrament before running for our train. In the end, we were able to accomplish all of our goals in less than half the time. And of course, we were able to be in just the right spot for this member. It was just another testimony to me that God uses us to help his children, and that he will provide means to help others through us. He loves each and every one of us, and knows us like a shepard knows and loves his sheep.
     Well, those were the big events of this week. I hope that everyone has an awesome week. Remember, the Lord is hastening his work- make sure that you are taking part in it. Share the Gospel and do not be afraid to rise up to the potential that Heavenly Father has for you. Alles gute!


- Elder Eric Gibson
  Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der Letzen Tage .

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