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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I`m dreaming of a white........Easter?

      Liebe Familie,
First of all, let me apologize that this letter is a day behind the regular schedule. The internet place was open yesterday, but it was so crowded that we were unable to get it done.We have some really amazing things happening in our area right now though. We have some investigators and members that are making good progress, and so it has been pretty nice to see people making and keeping covenants that bring them closer to our Savior. Just today, we had a member with whom we are doing Genealogy work, and he said: "I really want to do these names in the temple, but first I need to talk with the bishop and get a temple recommend." It made me so happy to hear his desire to help his family accept the Gospel.
      Berlin is awesome. Just yesterday, we went and saw the Berlin wall. I remember about 4 years ago in my German class in which we talked about the wall, and how I thought that there was absolutely no chance that I would ever see it. Also, we went and saw the Berlin needle and of course, we are planning on going to check-point Charley in the next few week. Like I said, Berlin is awesome, save that we are stuck right in the most ghetto part of town (Note for Mom/Grandparents: skip to next paragraph). Every once in a while we see some drug deals in the Underground Train station, and so lately we have also been seeing the police in the same area. But of course, we do not have to worry on the streets- most of the people are very nice to us and Muslims have very strict traditions against violence. Plus, no one has a gun in Germany.
     It has been really snowy the last few weeks, and it will continue to be so for the next week to come. We heard that it was the coldest March in Berlin for over 130 years, which is just crazy, especially while it is not that cold if you ask me. But I guess it is because in Colorado our first blizzard is always at the beginning of April, and so maybe I've just become content with the snow and cold.
     Easter was really nice. We had a good Sunday program, we received some really good food from some members, and in the evening we had an activity with a family that I thought you would all like to hear. It is a Croatian thing in which you get all of the painted, hard-boiled Easter Eggs and then play a quick game with them. Each person chooses one egg (mine was an awesome tye-dye looking one), and what you have to do it hit it against another egg without yours cracking. If you win, then you go to the next person. The first round, it is with the peak of the eggs; the second round is with the back. Whoever has the strongest egg is the winner, and then everyone eats their eggs together. It was very simple, but kinda fun.
     I am really excited to be serving as a missionary for the Lord. I love him, and I am so grateful that we as members have the opportunity to read the Book of Mormon- a book that very few other religions accept as true and from our Heavenly Father. I (as well as all of the other missionaries in this mission) will be finishing it this week before conference, and all I can say is that I know that it is true! I have learned so many great and marvelous things from its pages and my testimony of it has increased over these last few months.
     Have a great week and an awesome conference. I will be watching the Saturday Morning Session and the Sunday Morning Sessions live with you, and so I will think about everyone when it starts. Last time, we heard the amazing announcement that is already starting to change the world (18 year-olds!), so who knows what is coming up this time? I love you all and wish you the best!!

-Elder Eric Gibson

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