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Monday, May 20, 2013

We need money- Weekly letter

Liebe Familie,
     This week, we had some really unusual things happen to us. It was a really good week, but certainly one of the craziest of my mission. First of all, we have our main investigator right now. He is a man who we were hoping was going to get baptized in the coming week. His name is Reiner, and he is pretty insane (but in a good way?? I mean, if you listen to his life story, it is just too insane that it seems like he just made it all up. We are hoping that he CAN get baptized, but we'll see.
     The next few people are ones that we unfortunately met back-to-back on the same day. They are both living in very hard circumstances, and they were both wanting us to give them money. The first claimed that his father was dying and that he needed money for a ticket since his employer would not give him an advance. We told him that we could not give him money. Just a few days later, he sent us a text saying that it was all our fault that he could not go down to see his father before he died. It was really sad since we could not really help him, but also kind of frustrating since we were just trying to help him. The treasure that we give to people, unfortunately for this man, is not one that has a worldly price. The second man is homeless and is not able to get any money from the government's social system. We told him, just like the other one, that we are not able to give him money, but we were able to get a list of all the local soup-kitchens and provide him with a way to at least get some food. He seems to like the church and has some interest on the Gospel, but his main concern right now is surviving. Once again, a really sad condition and not very many ways that we can specifically help him. It seems like everyone is wanting us to fix their financial status for them, which is not really the role of our church. Like I said, it was a fairly crazy week.
Our other investigators, on the other hand, are doing well. One of them, the cousin of a member, made quite a bit of progress this week. He has shown up for church the last few weeks, and even came to the FHE activity that we run on Mondays. He really likes the members, and so he might be ready to have a baptismal date soon. We also have a lady who we are introducing to the ward here, and she is really excited to meet people who she feels like she can click with.
     Other than those interesting events of the week, we are seeing are regular miracles. We have had quite a few people come up and talk to us on the streets, and we have made out some really auspicious contacts. But other than that, I am doing fine here in the capital city of Germany. Have an awesome week!

-Elder Eric Gibson

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