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Monday, June 3, 2013

Now I understand- Weekly Letter

Dear Family and Friends,
This week was really good, right up until the very end... I will start off with talking about our main investigator. He has been progressing very well, but yesterday we had a really bad lesson with him. He now refuses to follow the Word of Wisdom, and with his attempt to explain why, he put himself into a paradox that he does not plan on getting out of, which included him saying that he is the not-yet-glorified Christ, and therefore he would have the authority to change the commandment. Obviously, this was a huge disappointment for Elder Myrabo and me, because we know that he knows that he is not Christ, be he is using it as an argument so that he can not commit to following this particular commandment. It just leaves a pit in my stomach to think about the hole that he has jumped into, and hopefully we can see him figure it out this next week. We learned from this lesson that we need to make sure to clearly teach revelation, prophets, and especially, the Word of Wisdom to him this next week.
Our other investigators, on the other hand, are doing much better. We had one man who is now wanting to get a testimony of the Book of Mormon. He used to be in another church with is very strict to the bible, so his main concern was that we believe on another book and claim that it is from God. We explained the story behind the book, which he has never really heard because he has just read the Book of Mormon before in chapters. He felt the spirit of its story, as well as why we believe that it is vital to the world today. After we did that, he became very somber and said "Wow, this is a very sad, but very powerful story. Now I understand." I just have to mention, it is a missionary's dream to have an investigator say those three words. So cool! 
We also met with a few other people who seem to have interest. One of them is a lady who we have been meeting with for a while. She has a boyfriend who is really friendly to our beliefs, and so now we are going to start including him a lot more into our lessons.
Well, it was a pretty crazy week for us, but as always, a lot of fun. This last week, I started writing in a new journal book. I am now on number 4! I am now able to look back at all of the experiences that I have had so far and see how much I have grown- all of the experiences that have shaped me into the missionary that I now am. It has been really fun to look back at what I did and learned in my first area (as well as all of the people that I have grown to love so much!). I know that this church was restored through a prophet of our Lord. I love being able to be out here with a name badge on. With His name on my heart everyday.
Have an awesome week! 
- Elder Eric Gibson
  Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der Letzen Tage 

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