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Monday, June 10, 2013

Drip, drip, drop, big June showers

The forecast in the news this last week was rain, and lots of it. For the first time, the meteorologists and nature actually delivered what they were both planning on, and we got buckets of rain coming down on us for most of the week. On Wednesday, we were eating a lunch together in the mission office when the Mission President walked in and said that over half of the cities near rivers were flooded over. Luckily, none of the missionaries had any issues (all of the apartments were fortunately high enough from the banks of the water), and Berlin had no problems whatsoever, so I was not in any danger zones.
I honestly did not see much of the weather though. Wednesday night, my companion threw up a few times, so we spent all of Thursday and half of Friday in the apartment. I was able to get all of the deep-cleaning chores that I have been wanting to do, but after that I just read from the scriptures and prepared a few lessons for the coming district meetings. We had transfer calls this week, and the news is: I am staying here in Neuk├Âlln! President wants to keep me right next door so he can make sure that I am not causing any problems- you all know how I am :-)
Our investigators did not really make any progress this week since we were in the apartment for a lot of our work time. But now all of our records are up to date and we made out some calling sheets, so the work will progress this week. We even made out a really cool app. with a lady yesterday who is really interested in eternal families.
This week, I studied quite a bit in Romans about Jesus Christ and how he is viewed by Paul. I realized that this is really important scripture because it is from the prospective of a missionary who is preaching the gospel only a few years after the death of Christ. He had personal connections with the apostles and had even seen Christ himself in a vision. He bares a powerful testimony of the necessity of Jesus as the Christ. I particularly love Chapter 11, in which he list all of the gifts of grace- I would recommend taking a look at it when you have free time.
I am doing well. Summer is always a great time for missionary work, and despite the weather, we have seen some really awesome stuff happening. The Lord puts us where we need to be, as long as we live worthy of it and make sure to ask Him in prayer for what to do and where to go.
Have an auspicious week!


- Elder Eric Gibson
  Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der Letzen Tage

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