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Monday, July 1, 2013

5,000 blue name tags - weekly letter

Oh, what a week! I have had so many interesting experiences this week that I can't think of any way to structure it except to go through the days individually:

Monday- Elder Myrabo and I wanted to check out a museum on Wednesday, so we did not take our usual P-day. Instead, we did regular missionary work, which was pretty good. I have been studying from the new testament, and so I had an awesome study in Ephesians.
Tuesday- In the morning, Elder Myrabo and I used our work-out time and went running to an investiagtor's home. Half-way there, and due to the light rain that was coming down, I tripped and hit the cobblestone pretty hard. Of course, we wanted to get the letter sent in, so instead of turning around, we kept going. I started to bleed pretty bad on my right knee and hands. But due to a few band-aids and ibuprofen, I am doing fine now.
Wednesday- My companion and I went to the Pergamon museum- one of the highest renown museums in Berlin and even in the world. Inside, they have complete replicas of many greek and babylonian gates. Also, they have a special exebition of the epic of Gilgamesh which we were also able to check out. It was so interesting! I loved going to it and seeing all of the gates and walls, especially the pergamon, which is a greek alter that fills up a room the size of a soccor field. We learned that the pergamon is also mention in the bible in Revelations 2:12-13, in which John desribes it as the seat of Satan. It is a museum that is certainly worth going to and checking out.
Thursday- We had a regular missionary day, in which we went by a few contacts and then stopped by a member to wish her happy birthday. While we were there, we gave a spiritual thought and one of her family members was really interested in our beliefs of the pre-eath life. We even were able to make out a return appointment with her and she is now meeting with the missionaries!
Friday- Certainly one of the more interesting days of the week. One of our investigators has family that are Jehovah's Witness, and so we were invited to visit their conference that they hold once a year. It was really interesting, because it was covered with people that were wearing blue nametags that said "Gottes Wort ist Weisheit!" (God's word is truth) with their names and home congegation on it. We caused a bit of a tumult because we were wearing black nametags that said a few other things, but in general, they were very friendly to us. They had quite a few questions about our doctrine, and so it was a good way of teaching them some of the truths that we hold dear. We were able to stay for a few of the talks that were given, and they seemed very similar to our save that they do not end in the name of Jesus Christ nor do they say amen. Rather, they all clap for the person that spoke, which seemed very foreign to me. Our investigator decided to go with us when we left- he seems like he is very unsure because he feels torn between two religions. He is starting to get a testimony of the Book of Mormon, and so we are planning to have much more regular contact with him to help him find which church he feels is best for him.
Saturday- We held a street display in one of the busiest plazas in Berlin, which is auspiciously situated right next to an Underground station. It was awesome, and we were able to contact hundreds of people, hand out quite a few copies of the Book of Mormon, and handed out thousands of cards. It is wonderful to see what eight missionaries can do in two hours when we are put in the right spot.

Well, I have used up most of my time. I hope that you all enjoyed the report of this relatively full week. Have an awesome summer vacation and make sure to catch the wave of excitement that is coming from the first presidency regarding missionary work. The Lord is wanting us to kick it up a notch.

Love you all!

-Elder Eric Gibson

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