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Monday, August 5, 2013

com`o est`as-- weekly letter

Elder Becar and I were both very excited for this week because our schedule was pretty full of some really great appointments, but we were in for a wake-up call, because 12/15 of the appointments we had fell out. We spent a lot of time waiting on people to show up, and then calling them and not getting an answer. It was heartbreaking- I wish people would just tell us if they do not want to meet any more rather than just wasting our time. We have so little of it!
But the week ended on a really good note. Yesterday was one of the best Sunday services that I have ever had! All three hours were so edifying, I can understand German with almost no problems these days, and so I just got to feel the spirit of what the people were saying. In the last hour, Fast and Testimony meeting, we had talk after talk about the love of God and how the Church is so awesome because we believe in Eternal Families. Near the end, there was even one Sister who is a new convert to the church. She was on an austausch (exchange?) program in the States, and she was baptized. But once she came back home to Germany, her family disowned her and forced her to move out, but she gave testimony of how she knows that even though it is a really hard time, she is glad to know that she is never alone- God is always there to support her. It was a very powerful story, and it left a deep impact on me.
After church, we had a late lunch at a family, and they invited one of our investigators couples over. They have been helping us to teach them because the wife of the couple does not understand German very well, so we teach the husband and then the members translate for the woman that speaks Spanish. We watched "the Restoration" film in Spanish, and then had the members bare testimony. It was a very good lesson, and both of our investigators bore their own testimonies that they know that the church is true. We are hoping that they will commit to baptism soon. It is so cool!
The only other highlight I have is from today. I finished reading the New Testament this morning! Now is have read through every book of scripture except the Old Testament, which I am going to wait to do until I get home and have a study guide in front of me, so I can get all of the symbolic stuff. The scriptures are so amazing. They contain the word of God to His prophets, and I know that they contain the keys to obtaining Eternal life. I have never read them or studied from them like I do now, and I have developed such a deep love for them. I know that they are true, because they "persuade men to do good" (Moroni 7). I love you all and hope that you have an efficacious week, especially those who are going to be unpacking boxes for most of it (Mom/Dad cough-cough).

Until next week!


- Elder Eric Gibson
  Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der Letzen Tage

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