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Monday, September 16, 2013

May I have some bread - weekly letter

Wow, I can hardly believe that it is already Monday again. The weeks are going be so quickly, and it won't slow down for anything. This week was both really good, and really disappointing for us.
First of all, the disappointments: We have a couple that we have been working with, Alex and Claudia, and they were progressing really well until about last week on Friday. He started looking up some anti-mormon sites, and it really made him take a back-step on a lot of the progress that he has been making towards baptism, plus has been keeping his girlfriend from meeting with us. It was really heartbreaking to us, because his questions went from awesome ones, like "how can I repent?" to "why does the Book of Mormon say..." and "why did Joseph Smith say [this] about [that]?" And every time that we would resolve one concern, he came up with another one of the ones that he had read online. All of the light that he had shined with a few weeks ago was sucked away, and he was somewhat rude when we tried to focus on the commitments that would actually help him to get answers. The next disappointment is in an African member, who is totally ready for baptism, but just hasn't been able to make it to church in over 2 months, and so we are going to have to push his date back until we he start to come, because we don't want to baptize a less-active member.
Now, for the awesome stuff. Firstly, the man said that as he read the anti-material, that he was unable to sleep and that he had felt like he was not very happy. He said that he wants to focus on the members and that they all live relatively happy lives. We also have a really awesome joint-teach that will be there for our meeting on Wednesday, and so it should be a really good thing for us.
Second, we saw some really cool miracles this week, like some people who are totally ready for the gospel. Just yesterday, we had a couple stop us on the street and ask us who we were. We explained it to them, and they both seemed really interested in us. They even asked us how they could meet with us and for our number. It was pretty cool. There was also a fun experience that happened to us on Friday. We were sitting at a stop for one of the Underground Trains eating some Brötchen, when a guy comes up to me and asks me if he can have one. I had bought 4, so I complied and gave it to him. He said thanks, and then handed it back to me and said, "you have Jesus Christ on your name tag, and I just wanted to see if you actually lived what you preach." It taught me about how we really are an example of the believers here in Germany, and that we must always act as such.
Well, that is an up-date about what is happening here in Hamburg. I you have any interest, we are going to be reading the Book of Mormon as a mission again, but this time with a focus on the Atonement and how we can use it in our's and investigator's lives. We will be finishing on Christmas Day, and so if you would like you are invited to join me in my study. If not, then you at least need to read 1 Nephi 10 looking for how the Atonement can help us. It is a really amazing chapter.
I wish you all the best for this week!


- Elder Eric Gibson
  Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der Letzen Tage

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