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Monday, October 14, 2013

Meetings and Councils- Weekly Letter

 This last week was really amazing for us as missionaries in Hamburg, but we were left with very little time for the work. We had so many meetings (Zone Training Meeting, Leadership Training, and 2 sessions of Stake Conference) that I felt like I did more sitting than walking, which is certainly not the regular. But I enjoyed all of these meetings so much that on Saturday night I made a compilation of all the thing that I wanting to do better and made a personal "repentance sheet" for myself. It is a good list of things that I feel could be improved, and I am really excited that I can use the Atonement as a means to change who I am as a missionary. I am grateful that I can become a more Christlike missionary than I have been up to this point on my mission. It is amazing, because I know that I am and will be closer to the Spirit and more ready to respond to spiritual impressions.
     There have been many times where I can say that I have had an impression from the Lord, and it gives me confidence that I am doing the work His way. One of the other missionaries that I am living with said: "if you can feel the Spirit when you are working, then you are doing exactly what He wants you to do; if you can't, then stop and pray for the revelation on what you should do." I feel like that also has a fairly auspicious role in all the aspects of life- if you can feel the spirit, then you are a the straight and narrow path.
     One of the really fun experiences that I had this week was during the leadership training. The assistants to the president gave a lesson on how we can improve our district councils by doing a role-play of the War Council found in Alma 52:19. One of the Assistants was dressed as captain Moroni, complete with a shield and plastic sword. We all gave an accounting of our armies and then made a decision of how we hoped to get an upper-hand in the war. They then applied it to our own districts and how we could use the same principles to make our councils more effective. It was fun to act as a Captain.
     As far as transfer calls went, there will not be any changes. I am going to stay in Hamburg and with Elder Becar. It is pretty awesome that I get to stay with a Colorado man for another six weeks XD
     Please continue to keep praying for us. We really need your faith and prayers in our behalf. The work of the Lord is moving forward here in Germany, but it still has too much potential that is not yet being reached. I love you all and wish you the best for the week!

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