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Monday, October 21, 2013

Sound the Bugle- Weekly Letter

 We had a really solid week of missionary work. My companion and I, Elder Becar, are running our engines on full again; all of his foot problems are completely behind him. This last week, we tore it up, and we did so much finding. The saddest part of the week was on Tuesday. We found out that our baptismal date moved far enough away to be in a different ward. I bet that such things happen often in the states with the smaller ward boundaries, but the first time that I have ever really experienced it was once I started working in the big cities. We introduced him to the other Elders that should be working with him now, but it was not the smoothest trade off. We had to move the appointment a couple times, so we ended up just having him shake hands with them, exchanging numbers, and then taking off. It will work out fine though- the other Elders seem like capable, efficacious teachers that will ensure that he makes it to baptism.
     The rest of the week was really good. We spent quite a bit of time in our area book calling a lot of people that have had contact with us or the church. We had the bright idea of taking the book to the church and keeping the doors wide open for any people that wanted to come in and ask some questions or who had interest. [Note: If you don't know what our building looks like, it is worth checking out. The address is: Wartenau 20 22089, Hamburg. It is a beautiful building made from red brick.] We were able to get in contact with a plethora of people, many of whom were very excited to hear from us.
     Yesterday was also really awesome with church. The bishopric based the talks around "impressions from General Conference," and it was a very successful meeting. All 3 of the talks were really good, which was great because we had 10 people who were there for the first time. They all felt the spirit, and many of them said that they were planning on coming again next week. Score!
     Have an awesome week, read from the scriptures, and keep praying for the missionaries so we can continue to bring people to salvation!

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