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Monday, January 13, 2014

Change is the only constant- Weekly Letter

     Hey! So last week I did Emails and I was able to somehow get done with them in half the time that I usually do. Upon leaving the church and entering the crowded subways of Hamburg, I realized why. Sorry that I did not write my usual weekly letter last week.
Much has indeed transpired in the two weeks since I last reported. New Years was of course great. We were able to go to a family and celebrate a bit with them, and then on New Years Day, we celebrated again with the Grandparents of Elder Lüning, who is serving in Hamburg right now.
     I received a call last Saturday that I will be transferred to my last city of my mission. I was released as district leader, so I thought that I was going into retirement (a bit more about that later). It is a cute, yet fairly small town named Redsburg. It is one of the most picturesque cities of my mission- second only to Görlitz- and the best part is that it is located around a major canal, so there are tons of shipping boats driving through it. We will be just walking down the road and there is a massive cargo ship just chugging along the horizon. It is fun to see.
     My companion's name is Elder Pearson. He is pretty awesome, but we still don't know each other all that well. He is the youngest, like me, so we are both the spoiled ones of our families. I am once again in a branch. The members here are really cool though. There are about 2 active families, and 3-4 part-member families that come, so the usual attendance is anywhere from 15-25. There is tons of potential with all of these part-member families, and we have already started to try to set up appointments with them.
     Yesterday was my first day in church, and the second councilor of the Stake Presidency happened to be there. He greeted everyone, but then he came up to me and he asked if he could meet me in the Branch President's office. We sat down, and he asked how I was doing. At this point, I was very confused, because it seemed like he was doing an interview for me. He then asked if I had heard anything about transfer calls. I said, "no, it was just a regular transfer call, why?" He then told me that many other things had been happening in the background and that I was actually sent on special assignment. He then offered me my calling and told me how to do it all. I am now the first councilor to the Branch President in this little branch here. It is the most frightening thing that I have ever done in my life. So now here I am in this little branch and I am still trying to get to know everyone. It will certainly be an interesting learning experience. Pray for me please!
     I am doing well. I am happy that this calling has ensured that I will be staying here until April. The last thing that I wanted was to only stay in this place for only 6 weeks and then go to some other city for another 6. Now my goal is to work hard for the next 3 months to make sure that this branch is growing well. I love you all and wish you a wonderful week. 
- Elder Eric Gibson
  Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der Letzen Tage 
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