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Monday, January 20, 2014

Sitting on the stand - weekly letter

     This week was really good. We are seeing some intensity coming into the area, and I think that the branch is also at the point to where they can brake some old habits. Unfortunately, there are a few things that are keeping the ward back here in Rendsburg and I think that if they start to try some new things, they can have more spiritual experiences in the church. I am very grateful for President Wenke, the new imported branch president here. He works really hard even though he has to drive an hour and a half just to get here. He is very experienced and very realistic about things, and I think that he is really going to help the branch out. Yesterday, I had to do the responsibilities of my calling for the first time (a.k.a. I had to sit up on the stand next to the branch president, followed by giving the lesson in the second hour). It has been a "choice learning experience" that I technically signed up for, even though I didn't know the consequences of such an action.
     I feel that it is the same way with the program here as with the ward- we are going to try some new things and see if we can have some more spiritual (teaching) experiences with investigators and less-actives. The whole mission is focusing on increasing our teaching pools and making sure that we have some great people who we are teaching who are interested in our message.
     The city itself is great. I love how friendly people are to strangers and how open they are to having conversations on the streets and at their doors. We have been able to have quite a few awesome conversations with the people here, and many of them know the church because it is a fairly small town.
     My companion, Elder Pearson, is from Lehi, Utah. He is the youngest like me (so in other words we both know how it is to be spoiled). He loves to study the gospel and has been out for over a year. He has already been in the area for a while, so I might have to take over in a few weeks (if not, then he will have the pleasure of being my last companion). He is really fun to be with and also really likes the city, so we are seeing some pretty awesome stuff happen to us. Just a few nights ago, this guy stopped us while ridding past on his bike and told us that he really wants to meet with us. His name is Ralph. All I can say is that the missionary saying is true: we will find people or the people will find us.
     Have an awesome week and I wish the best for all of you!

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