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Monday, March 17, 2014

Stop to smell the flowers- Weekly Letter

Spring is here in Germany! All of the flowers have begun to bloom, and the temperatures are heating up. I can't say that we had much of a winter. I think that is snowed a total of 2 times the whole winter, but spring is always welcome in my eyes. I wish that my allergies could say the same.
This week was wonderful. We had quite a few things happen that really made it into my journal.
Monday- We went into town and took pictures of the simply beautiful flowers that are now growing all over the city. It was a great P-day.
Tuesday- We found a new investigator. She is from Ghana, and she seems really interested in coming closer to God. We also met with Ralph, a man who we have been teaching for about a month now. He is not making the best progress, because he is torn between us and another church, and he is not very eager to make a decision to join either of them.
Wednesday- We had an appointment with our newly-baptized member. She is really awesome, and has an amazing testimony of the gospel. We are working with her to answer her questions and go through the lessons once again with her.
Thursday- I went to another city called Flendsburg, which is on the German-Danish border. I was unfortunately not able to get many pictures because we were running from one appointment to the next.
Friday- We went by quite a few less-actives, and we were able to contact one who is never home. It was a real miracle. After him, we continued going by on less-actives, and we were able to contact ANOTHER one the same way just an hour later.
Saturday- We ate with a member who is now 93 years-old. She makes the missionaries food every 2 weeks, which has to be the greatest honor that I have received from someone. It takes her about 2 whole days to prepare the meal for us, because she can no longer walk. So cool!
Sunday- We had another great session of church. I was glad, because it was not my week to lead =) 
I love you all and wish you the best for yet another week. Enjoy the spring picture!


- Elder Eric Gibson
  Kirche Jesu Christi derHeiligen der Letzen Tage

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  1. Elder Gibson was my daughters district leader in Hamburg. My daughter, Sister Shelley would love for us to go to his homecoming talk and meet him.She said he was such a great missionary and district leader!! Could you email me information about his homecoming? We live in Bountiful and I understand you recently moved to Centerville so we are very close. My email is

    Thanks for raising such a great missionary!!

    Cami Shelley